Suzhou celebrates its First Canaval at the Kempinski Hotel

23rd February 2013 Kempinski Hotel Suzhou kicks off its first Canaval in Suzhou with over 150 guests attending on February 23rd, 2013.

With the launch of this Canaval celebration, Kempinski Suzhou will start a traditional of annually organizing this interesting event. With this event the hotel wants to remember a joyous part of European history and culture celebrating the arrival of Spring.  

Carnaval is an annual European cultural festival and this festival is celebrated in many countries of the world. There are many stories about Canaval, which is celebrated around the world and in many different fashions every year. In Germany, Canaval is a festival of colors, which is transformed into costumes, steel band music, dance and an array of different ethnic food ;which attracts millions of people from around the global.


Kempinski Suzhou is proud to introduce this tradition to Suzhou and share this wonderful festival with the community. The Canaval celebration Kempinski Suzhou was a time of wild fancy-dress party. Guests in colorful costumes enjoyed the world famous fresh brewed Paulaner " Salvator " beer - a German beer brewed only during this season, with authentic Bavaria cuisine, exciting games and classical German music. Also, Kempinski Canaval “Royalty” was elected by the crowd.

“Canaval is a perfect time to experience German tradition. This is another unique event for Kempinski Hotel Suzhou and will ensure the many international and local guests we welcome to the hotel at this time of year will be able to be part of this Europe’s traditional festival in the making moment.” Stated by Mr. Henk Meyknecht, the General Manager of Kempinski Hotel Suzhou.