Spa Etiquette

Your comfort and safety are our main objective and priority, we would therefore ask you to respect the following:

All types of massages and treatments are at your disposal daily Monday-Thursday and Sunday from 9:00 to 22:00, Friday – Saturday from 9:00 to 23:00. You can book personally at the Zion Spa reception desk, via phone +421 52 3262 450, or directly from your hotel room on extension: 2450.


Zion Spa Luxury is the place for resting, relaxation, and revitalising your power and energy. Please respect the quiet, as well as guests privacy. Please, lower the tone of your cell phones and do not use any cameras in the Zion Spa Luxury area. Smoking is strictly forbidden throughout the whole area.


Children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible person older than 18. Entrance to the Wellness and Spa zone is only possible for persons over 18. Children under 18 are allowed to enter the pool until 20:00.


During use of the fitness zone, please use appropriate sporty clothing and footwear. Please, place used towels in the designated containers. When staying in the pool area, please remain in swim wear.

When enjoying a traditional Thai massage, we will provide you with original overall pyjamas. Before the procedure we will provide you with disposable underwear, should such be needed during the given procedure.


Before entering the pools, saunas and procedures, please shower. It is suitable to wear a dressing gown and slippers in the Spa zone. When using the sauna, use the given sheet. In the Fitness zone, please use a towel. Upon departure, return the locker key to reception.


Zion Spa Luxury cannot accept responsibility for any accident or injury which may befall a visitor to the club.


Zion Spa Luxury cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings; therefore we recommend leaving all your valuables in a safe in your hotel room.


We recommend making a reservation in advance, so we can guarantee that during your prefered day and time, the procedure will be available, especially if you would like to take more procedures during your wellness stay. The spa offers treatments without booking only based on free capacity. If you wish to make a reservation from your hotel room, please use extension 2450. We would appreciate if you tell us – either during the reservation or during the procedure – about your special wishes, concerns, or if you draw attention to the area we should focus on: in this way we can fulfil all your expectations

Zion Spa Luxury retains the right to refuse performing a procedure, or to suggest an alternative treatment in the case of the appearance of a contra-indication. We retain the right not to treat a client who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


All visitors of Zion Spa Luxury are recommended to come at least 20 minutes before the actual procedure and use the Wellness zone with relaxation pool, dry sauna, steam bath to prepare for a given procedure.


We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes before the planned procedure so you can appreciate the maximum Spa experience and support the effect of your treatment, as well as enjoying the pleasure of our relaxation pools, saunas, ice fountain, special showers, cooling pool, and Kneipp feet bath. Zion Spa Luxury will prepare soft towels, a pleasant dressing gown and slippers for you directly in your locker. You will have absolute privacy during all procedures.

It is standard procedure to complete the health questionnaire before every new procedure this will be given to you at reception. We recommend that you drink a quantity of liquids before and after the procedures. We would like to recommend that you reduce coffee and alcohol intake to the minimum.


Unfortunately it is not possible to prolong a planned length of treatment without inconveniencing other clients. Therefore, in the case of late arrival, a procedure will be correspondingly shortened without legitimate claim for any discount. If the delay causes that the time remaining is not sufficient for procedure completion, then we will charge you the full price.


In case of cancellation of booked procedure, please call Zion Spa Luxury receptionists on extension 2450 not later than 12 hours before your booking. In the case of not cancelling your reservation within such time frame, it will be necessary to pay the full price of the booked procedure. No-show or cancellation fees of hotel guests will be added to their room bill and should be settled upon check-out.


We offer a tailor-made set of treatments for pregnant women and nursing mothers. In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact our reception on 2450.


We offer the opportunity to purchase a gift certificate for any procedure. Our receptionists will be happy to help and advise you.


We offer exclusive products from the Terraké and Thalgo sets for domestic use, as well as the Zion Spa Luxury cosmetic set. We will exchange unopened products up to 7 days from their purchase if returned with the receipt. Unfortunately, the right to exchange products relates only to products, not to gift certificates.


The wellness area and fitness centre are open daily from 8:00 until 22:00. Spa treatments are performed daily from 9:00 until 22:00.