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Russian philosophy – for the mind and body

Our Relaxation Centre is all about soothing the body and relaxing the mind before it’s time for curtain up at one of the city’s famous theatres and concert halls. When you look out at the panoramic view we think that you will be inspired by the beauty of St Petersburg.
Opening hours: 07:30am - 11:00pm.

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    Classical Finnish sauna

    The dry heat of a Finnish sauna lets the body unwind. Repeat the procedure at intervals, with lemon tea sipped in between.

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    Cleansing procedures

    We specialise in scrub peel procedure, seaweed Lito-cal peel and salt aromatherapy peel

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    Anti-stress and massage

    Our anti-stress procedure for the back will make you sit up straight! Combine it with a classical massage or our aromalux spa massage, for a total experience

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    Mineralising procedures

    At the end of a business day there is nothing better than a seaweed and minerals wrap – believe it!

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    Therapeutic procedures

    In St Petersburg, where going backstage is de rigeur, we know all about sore muscles and joints; we recommend reflexotherapy and our heavy feet relief procedure.

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    Exercise area

    You will find just what you need to keep up your regular exercise regime: track, fitness cycle and step-exercise machine, and different weight bars. Opening hours: 7:30am - 11:00pm.