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Maslenitsa at Kempinski Hotel Moika 22

Maslenitsa is a Russian pre-Lent carnival, a time of exuberance before the strict observance of Lent. In 2014, Maslenitsa will take place from 24 February to 2 March.

Enjoy blinis at Von Witte Bar and Bellevue Brasserie restaurant and take pleasure in celebrating one of Russia’s oldest traditions. Along with a cup of exquisite tea you can enjoy:

  •   Blini with smoked salmon, red caviar and smetana
  •   Blini with Kamchatka Crab, avocado and curry oil
  •   Blini with cream chicken sauce             
  •   Blini with different types of honey
  •   Blini with mascarpone cheese, strawberries and tossed with honey-balsamic
  •   Blini with caramelised apples and apple sauce
  •   Russian-style crêpes Suzette with sour cream and flamed fruits
  •   and more other treats…

Our guests can enjoy the taste of Russian blinis as well as the splendid winter views over the historical center of St. Petersburg, which is perfectly displayed from the panoramic Bellevue Brasserie, located on the 9th floor of the Kempinski Hotel Moika 22.

To reserve a table call +7 (812) 335 9111 or reservations.moika@kempinski.com