Leisure facilities… 21st Century – Tsarist style

Put yourself first – in our Relaxation Centre, with its panoramic view, Jacuzzi and massage rooms. Fully refreshed, you can set about seeing St Petersburg, Tsarist style. If you think that’s a tall order, well, we begin with VIP entrance to the Hermitage…

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    Relaxation Centre - Savour the Moment

    Take a few moments to unwind in our Relaxation Centre, regenerate all the senses, and then you’re ready for the social whirl of St Petersburg – world-famous ballets and world-class museums.

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    Seeing St Petersburg in all its glory

    There is even more to ‘our’ St Petersburg than a private tour of the Amber Room in the baroque Catherine Palace, and an invite-only performance of Tchaikovsky at a ducal palace, but our concierge can arrange that for tomorrow…

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    Boat trip

    When you cruise the rivers and canals of St Petersburg, in our boat the “Sunne in Splendour,” we are sure that the beauty of the city will work its magic on you; and perhaps also you will start to understand how deep you have to go to reach into the “Russian soul”.