Leisure facilities… 21st Century – Tsarist style

Put yourself first – in our Relaxation Centre, with its panoramic view, Jacuzzi and massage rooms. Fully refreshed, you can set about seeing St Petersburg, Tsarist style. If you think that’s a tall order, well, we begin with VIP entrance to the Hermitage…

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    Relaxation Centre - Savour the Moment

    Take a few moments to unwind in our Relaxation Centre, regenerate all the senses, and then you’re ready for the social whirl of St Petersburg – world-famous ballets and world-class museums.

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    Seeing St Petersburg in all its glory

    There is even more to ‘our’ St Petersburg than a private tour of the Amber Room in the baroque Catherine Palace, and an invite-only performance of Tchaikovsky at a ducal palace, but our concierge can arrange that for tomorrow…