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Career Opportunities

Whatever your passion, we offer a variety of career paths at Kempinski Hotel Moika 22. Your talent is at the heart of what we are looking for to offer the best service possible. If you're thinking about a career in international management, we can offer you an opportunity to become a part of the Kempinski Hotels all over the world; and it all starts here!

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    Talent Development

    At Kempinski Hotel Moika 22 we believe that everybody has a talent. Finding and managing the talent of our employees to create the Kempinski Experience is vital to our business performance and future development.

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    Contact Us

    We will be happy to talk to you and discuss the career that is right for you. If you know that you are somebody special, there is a career waiting for you at Kempinski Hotel Moika 22.

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    Our Values

    What is a value? Important beliefs we share about who we are and what we want to achieve.

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