More Winter Sports

It is no surprise that winter sports were invented here. The sun-blessed Upper Engadin is the largest winter sports region in Switzerland: a dream come true for every snow sports enthusiast. Exploring this glorious Alpine landscape is a never-ending thrill.

Snow Kiting on Lake Silvaplana

Snow kiting was pretty much invented on Lake Silvaplana. The snow kiting school Swiss Kitesurf, has been shaping the development of this fashionable pursuit since 1994. 

Snow Safari

The starting signal is fired at Sils station. The action proceeds into the scenery of the Corvatsch ski area. After the Hahnensee downhill run, the St. Moritz slopes are already under your skis, and you can calmly aim for Marguns. The Lagalb slopes line up after a brief change of location, before the final stage on the 10-km (6.2 mi)-long Diavolezza glacier downhill run towards the Morteratsch Restaurant. Expect at least 99 km (61.5 mi) of downhill runs, 6,666 m (21,870.1 ft) height differentials and 22 possible “hut stops” to fill up with energy.

Tandem Paragliding and Hang-Gliding

You can feel your adrenalin level climb as the experienced pilot calmly makes preparations for takeoff at 2,486 m (8,156.2 ft) above sea level. Even from here, the view is sensational. It is truly breathtaking as the paraglider or hang-glider flies silently over the Engadin lake plateau. When the pilot makes a gentle landing at the St. Moritz Lake, you will think you have been dreaming. Luckily for proof, there are photos of the flight, and on request, even a video recording.

Panorama Engadin