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Cross-Country Skiing

Enjoy uniquely diverse scenery, first-class ski trails and the assurance of snow as you navigate an impressive 200 kilometres of cross-country ski trails in Engadin, St. Moritz.

The scenic diversity is unique, the quality of the ski trails first-class and the guarantee of snow unrivalled. The network of cross-country ski trails in Engadin St. Moritz covers an impressive 200 km (124.3 mi).

Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains lies at one of the main intersections of ski trails in the high valley. Close to the hotel park, you’ll find the cross-country centre where you can not only rent cross-country skis and take lessons, but also get detailed trail maps and the most recent information about the trails and snow conditions.

From 5:30 pm, you can continue along to the night-trail, which is illuminated until 9:00 pm and leads directly alongside the hotel, for an unforgettable experience!

The Upper Engadin is heaven for cross-country skiers with its superb combination of attractions. An exceptional variety of spectacular landscapes, trails of outstanding quality and unrivalled snow guarantee a good time.

Put on the long, narrow skis and glide through the wide, open expanse of the Engadin valley. Explore the rich variety of spectacular landscapes and ski to your heart's content. Whether you prefer the elegant, classic style or the more dynamic skating technique, there are 200 varied km (124.3 mi) of cross-country trails to discover.

 Those looking for a gentler outing opt for the Direttissima across the three lakes, or enjoy one of the longest loops in the Engadin near Zuoz.

More ambitious skiers train on the legendary route the most famous 42 km (26.1 mi) of trail in Switzerland tackle the picturesque side valleys, or do their circuit on the racing route near St. Moritz, where they can stretch out their fitness sessions until late in the evening.

Map of Engadin cross country trails