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The South Eastern Alps, the location of the Upper Engadin valley, are majestic monuments thrust upwards millions of years ago by the meeting of continental plates.

The best known peaks have generated numerous mountaineering stories - above all the Piz Bernina (4.049 m).

Their unique combination of narrow ridges, lofty peaks and iridescent blue mountain lakes is quite staggering. The massif around the Engadin mountain valley has an amazing number of highlights: icy glaciers, glimpses of the "Ballroom of the Alps" with its and three and four thousand metre high peaks or Engadin's lakes, a ribbon of silver pools stretching along the valley floor.


Whoever would like to explore the scenic beauties of the Upper Engadine by foot will get their money’s worth at Corvatsch. A vast number of worthwhile hikes lead from Sils, Silvaplana, St. Moritz or Pontresina towards and around the Corvatsch region. Soon enough one moves above the forest line and enjoys splendid views of glaciers and lakes. Whether sportive and performance-oriented or for desire and pleasure, every interest finds a suitable route in the Corvatsch hiking area.


The “Black Peak” and its sporty neighbours! Hikers and bikers love the mountains and the energy of alpine nature. There is more than enough of this in the Piz Nair, Corviglia and Marguns region: a view which extends over the Upper Enga-dine Lake District almost to Maloja on nice days, scenery comprised of green bowls, mountain streams and lakes, and a kaleidoscope of possibilities to wander through the alpine world with hiking shoes or per bike.


Where the true high mountains start! The Bernina massif vis-à-vis the Diavolezza towers above the scenery with eight peaks ranging up to about the four thousand metre mark: a veritable feast for the eyes and an El Dorado for climbers and alpine mountaineers. But in addition to the declared top destinations Piz Palü and Piz Bernina, the high mountain region can also be experienced in another way: during a glacier hike across the tongue of the Pers & Morteratsch Glaciers — on the 500 treading steps of the fixed-rope climbing route (via ferrata) or during a wellness experience at Europe’s highest Jacuzzi.

Muottas MuraglMuottas Muragl

Something for the heart … and for the feet. Not only artists have been inspired since time immemorial by the view from the classic mountain. People like us are also captivated over and over again by the setting. Alone the ascent with the red funicular is a show. For over 100 years it has climbed up the steep slope and is the second oldest mountain railway in the Graubünden region. Some come to enjoy and have a feast, while others want to hike into the panorama, either down to Pontresina or up to the Segantini Hut and Schafberg, where the famous Italian painter Giovanni Segantini died in seclusion.

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