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Friedrich Nietzsche, Hermann Hesse, Thomas Mann, Rainer Maria Rilke, Ferdinand Hodler, Richard Wagner and Giovanni Segantini. What reads like a "Who’s Who" of leading writers, philosophers and artists of times past is also a list of travellers who came to love the Engadin.

All of them sought and found recuperation and recovery, diversion and artistic inspiration as well as sporting and Alpine challenges.

Schlitteda, festive sleigh ridesToday the Engadin is Graubunden’s cultural epicentre. Thanks to the Romansh language, the proximity to Italy and the majority of the local population being German speaking, three cultural regions converge here. Small but select galleries and museums show exceptional works of art from both inside and outside Switzerland. Chamber orchestras, UNESCO World Heritage sites, traditional customs such as Schlitteda (festive sleigh rides) and Chalandamarz (1 March Children’s Festival) as well as many top-class art events have further established the reputation of St. Moritz as a cultural metropolis.

Museums, galleries & libraries in St. Moritz

Culture Tip

St. Moritz Art Masters

St. Moritz Art MastersFor ten days every summer, this exclusive art platform featuring contemporary art and international classical highlights transforms St. Moritz into a mecca of the art and culture scene. Over 200 works by international modern artists are exhibited as part of the Walk of Art, with artistic works presented in unusual places in and around St. Moritz ranging from churches and the old Paracelsus building to outdoor settings in the pristine Engadin landscape. The so-called "exceptional discoveries" invite aficionados to embark on their own journey of exploration.