Special Offers

The wellness offers at Kempinski The Spa are varied and range from nutritional counseling to customised sports programmes and HydraFacial MD® treatments to revitalising massages and much more.

The spa is open form 9 am to 10 pm.

  • Kempinski The Spa Skin Package

    Kempinski Skin

    Give your skin what it needs to shine with the exclusive Kempinski Skin Program and the full force of HydraFacial MD® in combination with the power of natural, High-Alpine products. Enjoy visible results after only four days.

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  • Kempinski The Spa Essence package

    Evergreen Essentials

    The feeling of warm oil on the skin. The smell of a summer morning in the mountains. The beneficial effects of personal training. Send your body on a trip and immerse yourself in High-Alpine relaxation techniques.

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  • Kempinski The Spa package fpr men

    Kempinski Men

    Stock up on your skin cells for more power. The Kempinski Men’s Program is the perfect energy boost for tired and stressed skin. Why? You simply look better.

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  • Kempinski The Spa Balance You Body Package

    Kempinski Balance Your Body

    Streamline your way to a healthier life! The Kempinski The Spa has a personalized fitness program compiled for you according to the motto: "Balance Your Body".

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  • Kempinski The Spa Balance your Body Package

    Mirko Colombo Well-Being Program

    Get on track with exercise and healthy eating with professional support for your well being and optimum energy and balance.

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  • croppedimage230150-fitness

    Mirko Colombo Health Program

    Balance the nutrient deficiencies of your body from bespoke nutritional and metabolic interventions.

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