Mirko Colombo meets Kempinski

In colaboration with Mirko Colombo, sports science graduate, nutritionist and medical wellness coach Kempinski The Spa offers the following services:

Exercise, sport and performance

This unique offer is much more than just a normal fitness program. The diverse range of services includes body analysis, health analysis and medical clarification (in collaboration with a partner doctor), performance diagnostics as well as individual training consultancy. Whether you are an individual or team athlete, cross country skier or nonathlete, the highly qualified sport scientist, Mirko Colombo, will provide for you a personalised, professional service and accompany you on your way to achieving your individual goals.

The offer:

  • Body analysis (muscle mass, fat mass and water distribution / fluid balance
  • Health analysis
  • Fitness tests and scientific performance diagnostics
  • Fitness training consultancy

Plus: Gene analysis for athletic performance

The Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains is the first hotel in the Engadin to offer gene analysis for athletes. With the assistance of the latest technology in the area of DNA analysis, it is now possible to determine whether your 'sport gene' is more suited to strength or endurance activities. With this knowledge we are then able to focus on the ideal training programme that promotes your strengths so that your body has the best chance to reach its full potential

Nutrition, weight loss and optimizing metabolism

Under the direction of Mirko Colombo, sports science graduate, nutritionist and medical wellness coach, you will be guided on your way to finding your optimal metabolism.

The offer:

  • Body and metabolism analysis.
  • Nutrition programmes for weight loss and metabolism regulation (With the findings of the unique nutrition-metabolism diagnostics, you will receive a menu plan tailored to your needs)
  • Preparation of a customised mixture of micronutrients (determined after undertaking a nutrient deficiency test)
  • Gene diagnostics for weight loss. (Based on your genes we will find out how you will attain and keep your ideal weight)

Gene analysis for weight loss

Using modern gene diagnostics it is now possible to find out which gene type you really are. The results from the analysis reveal how high the risk really is of you becoming overweight. In addition we provide information on how easy or difficult it will be to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight in the following categories: fat content in the diet, carbohydrate content in the diet, calorie reduction diet.

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