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Signature Dish and Drink

The ‘Signature Dish‘ combines alpine culinary traditions with finest regional products.

That’s alpine Switzerland: Potato rösti with mountain cheese and 2 fried eggs of Grison free range chicken. Up to your choice with Grison raw ham.

Everybody eats rösti in Switzerland – it is the traditional signature dish known all over the world. Traditionally eaten by farmers for breakfast but over time this has become a dish for all to enjoy. It is believed that rösti is eaten only in the German-speaking part of the country. It is portrayed as a stereotypical identifier of Germanic culture, as opposed to the Latin one. The line separating the French and German speaking sides is jokingly called the Röstigraben, literally the "rösti ditch".

Nowadays its popularity is unstoppable, you find it in a small version as hash browns for breakfast, in ski huts and of course as signature dish of Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains.

Rösti Signature Drink






Or for a special occasion, why not indulge in our signature drink ‘Luscious Red’ at the Kempinski Lobby & Bar? Deliciously refreshing red Moet & Chandon champagne, enhanced by the sweet-dry sharpness of Swiss lingonberries, it is a taste to celebrate all by itself.