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The word “Thalasso-Therapy” is derived from the Greek words Thalassa meaning sea and Therapeia meaning healing.

Thalasso-Therapy uses the curative properties of sea water and hydrotherapy. It also involves body scrubs and wraps with applications of marine products as algae and mud, both very rich in mineral salts and trace elements as well as vitamins and amino acids.

Increasingly, people are turning to thalassotherapy for its anti-aging treatments. It has become a favorite treatment for cellulite reduction and muscle toning both for its effectiveness as well as its calming approach and effect. The causes of cellulite are generally attributed to poor blood circulation and a build-up of toxins, so an overall thalassotherapy treatment can release these agents while providing other benefits.

A thalassotherapy session is preferably taken in conjunction with a specific massage to enhance your personal needs.

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