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Prestigious Golden Pen Award for Kempinski Hotel Zografski's General Manager

The General Manager of Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia, Mr Gerd Ruge has been awarded with the prestigious Bulgarian award Golden pen. The award has a history of 18 years, and aims to single out important support and contribution to Bulgarian art and culture. In the long run, the winners have included well-known people of art and entire institutions whose efforts represent essential contribution to the Bulgarian culture.

For the first time in the history of the award, the award has been given to a representative of the hospitality industry. Mr Gerd Ruge has been nominated for the implementation in Bulgaria of the Central Europe initiative Kempinski Art Weeks. The idea has united all Central Europe Kempinski hotels to present throughout the year 2013 a selection of local artists and their artwork, including paintings, sculptures and photography, highlighting the theme of this series of events: Remarkable European Flair. 

In Sofia, Kempinski Art Weeks covered the months of April and May featuring 3 Bulgarian talents, Radi Nedelchev, Pancho Malezanov and Hristo Hristov; artists of different generations and different educational backgrounds, who utilise different techniques, revealing the diversity of local talent and the richness of artistic interpretation and artistic impact and depicting the uniqueness of Bulgarian nature, culture and history in the universal language of art, reaching right to the soul.

The exhibitions at the hotel lobby attracted visitors and media and have demonstrated support at a time extremely difficult for the art in the country, aiming to give floor for performance to art representatives, promote their works to hotel guests and general public and evoke the aesthetic delight from the contact with art.

“It is a great honour to receive this prestigious Bulgarian award and I am happy that it is related not only to our hotel but to a whole initiative worked on together with the other Kempinski properties in Central Europe, Kempinski Art Weeks. In this sense the award can be considered a joint achievement in the strive to show the Remarkable European Flair,” Gerd Ruge said. “For my team and personally myself, it is a big success but also enormous responsibility since I strongly believe that we should support society in as many ways as possible giving back from our knowledge, skills and efforts. The recently received Charity Award 2013 for the organization of the Stop TB football campaign with fund-raising for St Sofia children’s clinic for lung diseases is another proof that we are on the right track. Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia will continue working closely with the local community, assisting people in need, giving floor for performance to young talents, coaching and training students from local school in order to give them the chance to join the hospitality world on a later stage.”