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Made in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a place where you can find a great variety of flavors. Enjoy authentic creations and tastes passed from generation to generation over the centuries.

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    Rose picking and rose oil

    The Valley of Roses near the town of Kazanluk is one of the biggest producers of rose oil in the world, with more than 3 centuries history. Early in the morning in late May and early June you can see hundreds of people in the rose fields picking the unique blossom, the tradition accompanied by folklore traditions and celebrations. The therapeutic properties of rose oil have a proven favorable effect, bringing harmony and improving body balance.

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    In Bulgaria, wine production has a long history dating back to the times of the Thracians. Enjoy the superb flavor of the traditional wines, which will leave unforgettable memories for the true connoisseurs.

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    Mineral springs

    Bulgaria has a total of 225 deposits of mineral springs with total capacity of 5000 l / sec. and with temperature ranging from 30° to 90° C. The proven healing qualities of the Bulgarian mineral waters have been known since ancient times and attract people of all ages.

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    Yoghurt birthplace

    Bulgarian yoghurt is known all over the world for its unique taste and nutritious qualities.
    Lactobacillus Bulgaricus is the main bacteria used for the product of the original Bulgarian yoghurt known for its positive health effects. It only lives in its natural form on the territory of Bulgaria.