20 Sep 2013 | Kempinski Hotel Marinela Sofia

Zlatograd - Reviving the Past

Have you wanted to create your own pottery or weave at the loom, the way Bulgarians did back in time? Have you thought of the magic of craftsmanship or longed to get a glimpse of the authentic home arrangements, national costumes, old rhythm of life...

If you are willing to travel around Bulgaria and learn more on its history and traditions, Zlatograd, the most southern town of the country, will open for you a rich world of fairy tales to be experienced and remembered.

Situated in the beautiful velvet green Rhodopi mountains, 300 km from Sofia, the town keeps the spirit of the past embodied in the narrow stone-covered streets, the white walls around the Revival style houses, the typical roofs with round chimneys, and the wide oak garden doors leading to shady vines.

There are 120 architectural and archeological monuments in Zlatograd. You should definitely visit the famous Ethnographic complex where you can see how homes were arranged, how cooking, sewing and other everyday activities were performed, and also witness or personally take part in various crafts in the tiny workshops which continue working.


Do not miss to taste authentic Rhodopi dishes like "klin", "patatnik", "kachamak" or "cheverme" (grilled meat over open fire or hot coals) and delight in the colourful tastes of Bulgarian wine!


If you wish to combine your visit with a special celebration in Zlatograd, choose spring or autumn. Every May there is an annual folklore festival at peak Kostadin near by. In September Zlatograd celebrates the days of Delyo Haidutin, one of the most loved Rhodopi hero. The folk song "Izlel je Delyo Hajdutin" was included in the Voyager Golden Record, a diverse compilation of Earth music launched in Space in 1977.

Zlatograd is waiting for you to take you along the narrow streets of the past - welcome to history revived!

Photos by our colleague Dana Decheva, Hotel Group Coordinator.



20 Sep 2013

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