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The Story of the Wish Tree

The wish tree is usually defined as "an individual tree, distinguished by species, position or appearance, which is used as an object of wishes and offerings." Have you wondered what types of wish trees there are aiming to achieve one and the same thing: a dream come true?

Most often the wishes are hung on the tree branches written on a piece of paper at weddings, charity initiatives or other activities related to good will and positive emotions.

However, the same can be observed with the so called coin trees, where the trunk and branches are covered with coins, hammered with stones from nearby or just hands, a wish for fertility or luck granted for each coin.

There are also the so called clootie wells where the wish is written on a piece of cloth and later tied to the tree.

In some cultures there are even trees with thrown shoes symbolizing good fortune.

Some of the other interesting objects on wish trees include pins, nails, apples, sweetmeats, candles and ribbons representing wishes - up to more unusual items like cigars, food, water, etc., hung from the branches by bright strips of coloured thread.

The Xmas wish tree placed each year at Kempinski Hotel Zografski reveals the wishes for Christmas gifts of kids from different orphanages in Bulgaria. According to notorious statistics 2000 children every year are left in various institutions, which means that every 5 hours a mother abandons her child. Our wish tree is full of wishes again, waiting to bring joy and hope to OUR kids - do not remain indifferent!

Share your experience and emotion from seeing wish trees - or extraordinary wishes you have heard about!

9 Dec 2013

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