20 Jan 2014 | Kempinski Hotel Marinela Sofia
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Andy's Culinary Book: Goat cheese on quince ragou with crunchy almonds

Let's begin the week with a delightful starter which you can cook at home using the professional advice of our Executive Chef Andrey Stoilov.

How to prepare Goat cheese on a quince ragou with crunchy almonds?

For two mouth-watering portions you will need the following:

  • 200-250 gr of goat cheese (if you do not want to stick to exact measures, take 2 round slices) 
  • 1 quince which needs to be peeled and put in water together with little lemon so that it does not get dark 
  • 30 gr of sugar 
  • 80 ml of apple juice 
  • 10 gr of natural starch 
  • 30-40 gr of sliced almonds - you can roast them until they acquire attractive golden colour and wonderful taste and crunchiness 
  • oil 
  • chocolate biscuits 

How to prepare successfully the dish and amaze friends and colleagues?

The trick is to give good caramel colour while keeping the cheese from melting. To achieve this, wrap the cheese in baking paper. Grasp the moment when the frying pan is hot but not yet smoking, and then put the cheese for several minutes on each side.

If the pan is still cold, yout first attempt may prove unsuccessful and the cheese may melt, in this case do not hurry with the second piece. After frying the cheese, leave it aside where by now you should have prepared the jam and the almonds for garnishing your creation.

The preparation of the jam is simple and can be done in several easy steps: Cut the quince into small cubes and put them with little oil in a high saucepan; then stir, adding the sugar and later, the apple juice. When the quince cubes become soft enough, add starch dissolved in cold water to thicken the mixture.

Now comes the moment for garnishing so that the culinary creation triumphs in all its beauty! First, put the sliced almonds on the bottom. Then add the jam in the centre and after that, the goat cheese. Decorate with biscuit crumbs, dark chocolate and spices.

PS If you do not want to prepare at home, and still want to delight in this unique balanced taste, visit Intermezzo lobby bar where the goat cheese with quince ragou is part of our special January menu.

Bon appétit!


20 Jan 2014

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  • Kempinski Hotel Zografski Sofia | 23/01/2014 11:04am (1 year ago)

    Good luck! We will be happy if you share your feedback on the preparation - and result!

  • Radka Etropolski | 23/01/2014 3:41am (1 year ago)

    I am going to try this...yummy!

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