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Easter salad

Andy's Culinary Book: Easter green salad with boiled eggs, radish, cucumbers and sheep yoghurt

Easter is just around the corner and we already sense the wonderful mood in the air. We also start thinking of the exciting period when the family gathers at home awaiting all the delicious fantasies served at the table.

It will be difficult to imagine Easter in Bulgaria without the slowly cooked lamb meat accompanied by “drob sarma” (rice with lamb liver and garden herbs).

And while this may seem difficult to cook, our Executive Chef Andy suggests how to make a traditional Easter salad to add fresh traditional tastes to your Easter, wherever you are. All products needed are seasonsal and easy to find ;)

You will need:

  • Green salad - 5-8 leaves
  • Radish - 2 pcs 
  • Fresh spring onion - 1 pcs 
  • Cucumber - 100 gr 
  • Boiled egg - 1 
  • Sheep yoghurt - 100 gr 
  • Oil and salt by your taste 

After washing the salad leaves and boiling the eggs, the process of preparing this traditional salad will take not more than 5 minutes (and you will be surprised how impressed your family members or guests will be!)

Cut the salad into small but not too thin pieces and put them into an oval bowl. Cut the radish in two and then in crescent shapes and add them to the green salad. Peel the cucumber, cut it into two long pieces and then cut small pieces, then add the finely sliced onion. Add sheep yoghurt - for those who have not tried this authentic taste, make sure you do not miss the opportunity - the taste is incredible! Add salt and oil according to your taste. Decorate with boiled eggs on an attractive plate - you can add olives or fresh lemon juice to make all fragrances stand out.

Well cooled aniseed drink would be the perfect choice to go with it, according to Andy's advice!

We will be happy if you share with us the result you have achieved with this recipe!

9 Apr 2015

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