5 Nov 2013 | Kempinski Hotel Marinela Sofia

350 sqm hanging screens for Misteriata Eniovden show

The biggest concert and sports hall in Sofia, Arena Armeets, will host a fiery show of Bulgarian ancient folk traditions and their modern interpretation on December 19, 2013.

4 composers, 21 musicians, 6 choreographers and 4 stage designers from all Balkan countries inspired and guided by the famous Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics coach and choreographer Neshka Robeva, will create a performance centred around the history and customs of this important day. Featuring dancers, musicians, acrobats and singers, Misteriata Eniovden (Мистерията Еньовден) will artistically display the struggle between good and evil using various art techniques like modern folklore, hard rock and street art.

You can find more information about the event here

Eniovden (Еньовден in Bulgarian) is a holiday celebrated on June 24 when the Orthodox church also marks the day of John the Baptits. The celebration coincides with the summer solstice which explains why the traditions on this day are focused on the sun and the sun cult. Legends say that before starting towards winter, the sun bathes in water giving to it healing effects, that is why people walk or bathe with morning dew. For the same reason people collect herbs which are considered to be most powerful in their effect on this day. The belief claims that one should collect 77 and a half various herbs to ensure there is one for each illness and even for the disease without name.

Another tradition is the preparation of Enio's bride (Eniova bulia, Еньова буля) where all single young women gather in a house and dress a 5-year old girl as a bride with a long traditional white shirt and a red jacket called kavat. They put a wreath of yellow bedstraw and a silver coin on the child's head, then go together through the village and the fields stopping at every well or fountain, and sing songs praying in this way for health and good crops.

If you wish to sense the Eniovden atmosphere and learn more about its traditions, do not miss Misteriata Eniovden show!

The price of the tickets starts from BGN 20. You can buy tickets here or here.

5 Nov 2013

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