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Shenyang is northern China’s largest city and home to UNESCO World Heritage sites, museums, temples and parks. Be it a shopping trip, an adventure, a quiet place, clubs to dance in all night long or a jogging route, Shenyang has it all and Kempinski Hotel Shenyang is right in the middle of it.

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    Have you ever wondered what life was like in China in the past millennia? Or the impact of Chinese art on the West? Or what influence French artists had on Chinese painters in the early 20th century? Visit one of Shenyang’s museums and you can be sure to discover things you never knew before. Ask our concierge for advice on museums.

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    As the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty, you are sure to find some wonderful historic sites in Shenyang, such as the Imperial Palace – the only royal palace outside Beijing – or the Northern tomb – a sepulchre to the Qing Dynasty’s first emperor, located among the pine tree forest of Beiling Park. The city grew and expanded around these and more historical places over the centuries, making Shenyang a fusion city of both ancient and modern, where religious temples are neighbours to shopping malls. Our concierge is happy to offer insight on Shenyang’s historic highlights or arrange guided tours for you.

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    Restaurants and Nightlife

    Whether you’re looking for a Chinese dinner at a cosy restaurant, a high-end, fine-dining place, homemade Western food in stylish surroundings, a place to have a few beers or fancy drinks or a spot to dance the night away, Shenyang has it all in plenty. You do not even need to take a cab to have a good time with friends and family thanks to Kempinski Hotel Shenyang’s central location. Ask our concierge about where to go.

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    Around Shenyang

    Getting out of the city can make for a wonderful experience. Spring is the perfect time to visit the blooming Expo Garden and in autumn, Lavender Manor, just an hour’s drive from Kempinski Hotel Shenyang, will engulf you in lilac fields and the soothing scent of lavender. For a more adventurous trip, take a day off and visit the Benxi water caves where you can enjoy a boat tour on the longest underground river of China and marvel at the beautifully lit stalactite cavern. Let our concierge organise your day out of town and ask them for more places of interest.

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    Whether you prefer to indulge in a high-end shopping experience, roam the streets for some handcrafted Chinese souvenirs or want to discover Chinese fashion brands, we know where you will find what you are looking for. Shenyang offers a wide variety of shopping malls and night markets, as well as northern China’s biggest wholesale shopping centre. After a long day shopping, we will be happy to assist you with your bags and boxes.

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    What better way to energise your body than with a jog around Qingnian Lake in the morning? In the park next to Kempinski Hotel Shenyang, you will find an outdoor gym and table-tennis tables, along with a good bunch of competitors.

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    Shenyang with Children

    The city has plenty to offer to keep your children busy. Not only are there many playgrounds and parks in the city, but Shenyang also offers shopping venues and amusement parks for you and your children. Just outside the city, Royal Ocean World is one of the most popular destinations for families, hosting aquariums, shows and an aqua park. Ask our concierge the best places to have fun with kids and let us provide you with cookies and milk after a long day of excitement.