Body and Beauty Treatments

Enjoy the scent and warmth of body oil, the healing effect of Chinese cupping or soothing body wraps. Our Spa team knows their trade and how to make you feel like yourself again. Let them pamper you.

  • croppedimage230150-Aromatic-Relief-Massage

    Aromatic Relief Massage

    A gentle and calming massage with natural aromatic essential oils, which release their healing properties into your skin. This treatment balances both your body and mind, restoring your sense of well being.

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  • croppedimage230150-Swedish-Body-Massage

    Swedish Body Massage

    The Swedish body massage is a soft tissue and muscle massage. By using different kinds of movement the Swedish massage stimulates blood circulation and stimulates and the muscular system. The treatment focuses on relaxing stressed muscles, which eases both tension and anxiety.

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  • croppedimage230150-Hot-Oil-Massage

    Hot Oil Massage

    A therapeutic blend of pure essential oils are warmed to create a uniquely relaxing massage. This treatment uses a combination of both scent and touch for the ultimate calming experience.

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  • croppedimage230150-SHESPAP

    The Relief Ritual Massage

    Relief your stress! By fight in stress on a number of fronts, the benefits of massage for stress relief include relaxation of muscles, an increase in circulation and a reduction in stress related pain. Once your stress level is reduced, you can reclaim the energy you once enjoyed, and experience a refreshed body and mind.
    RMB 380/45 minutes body massage using pure essential oils

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