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Leisure Facilities

Leisure equals life. It's something you've come to appreciate that a life without a liesure is no pleasure. Leisure facilities around THE ONE are here to let you balance work and life, and our concierge will be always available for providing you with any relevant information.

  • fitness

    Fitness Center

    Don't wait for the perfect time to start, unwind after a long day at the office. Our gym partner Tera features an advanced weight and cardio section. Admire beauty in the crisp finishes that surrounds you.
    Third floor of the hotel.

  • golf


    Press pause on your busy work and slow down your steps in such a fast-paced city, let golf enrich and delight your stay. Nobel Golf Club in Jingan District is a professional mini golf driving range with advanced wing analysis facility and pit practise area.
    10 minutes drive distance from hotel.

  • shanghai

    Shopping Center

    Don't hesitate to show your merry smile when you get yourself a brand-new-look. Nanjing Road as the most famous & flourishing commercial street in Shanghai would be your best choice for shopping, the large and modern shopping malls like Westgate Isetan and Plaza 66 are located at West Nanjing Road.
    10 mintues walking distance from the hotel.

  • entertain


    How can you miss the excellent the large-scale opera, ballet, music/dancing show and stage play in Shanghai. The well-known historical building Shanghai Majestic Theatre will show you not just the performance but also the culture exchange between China and other countries.
    10 minutes driving distance from the hotel.

  • dining


    To gain a rich and varied taste of the food from everywhere, Shanghai will not disappointed you. Our concierge service will have the latest hotspot of Shanghai available.
    10 mintues walking distance from the hotel.