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13/07/2013 – 04/08/2013

Zhang Minjie Solo Exhibition - Short Sentence, Making a living

During 2013, Zhang Minjie was funded by Kempinski Young Artist Programme. He has been completed German Short Sentence , Making a living based on the Germany’s population structure . This solo exhibition is the new Short Sentence.

Short Sentence, Making a Living is a video and image work which observed China's population structure since 2006. Short Sentence, Making a Living consists of people who have their own short sentence. Their careers are various, but every day they need to repeat the same sentence to make a living. In fact, Zhang Minjie has more short sentences to record. As a result, we will find more lowest classes people who make a living by saying short sentence. This film is reflecting the real society, from which we grasp the relationship between their living condition and society.


Opening: 4:30pm, July 13, 2013

Date: July 13 – August 4, 2013

Venue: 99 Art Center Fine Arts College of Shanghai University

 (Floor 1, Building 6, No.50 Moganshan Road. Shanghai)

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