Culinary Highlights

Discover the culinary highlights of Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai. From the extraordinary dessert creations on offer as part of the European Afternoon Tea, to special innovative dishes - let us inspire you to try something delicious.

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    Best Culinary Greetings for 2016 !

    That Make Every Meal Memorable

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    Romantic Valentine's Dinner

    That's Amore !

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    Lucky Number 7 for Marriage Celebration

    Have you been married with your darling spouse for 7 years? Then it's time to celebrate beating the '7 year itch' with our romantic package. With dinner for two in Acqua including two glasses sparkling wine, stay in the Diplomatic Suite and let’s celebrate the passion for each other.

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    Cooking Heritage Lo Hei

    One of the best things about travelling is learning new food cultures. Suntime Century presents to you the story of Yu Sheng, when in Singapore’s colonial era, Chinese fishermen would save their catch and feast on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year.

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    Lavish Seafood Hot Pot

    While it's icy outside, feel fully warmed through inside, with a lavish seafood hot pot. See the bubbling broth steam forth as you take time to dip in healthy and impressive seafood treasures, including scallops, mussels, shrimp, clams and oysters. Couple this with seasonal classics such as Angus beef, lamb and a wide choice of organic vegetables, and you'll feel totally comforted and heated up.

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    Kempi Deli

    As soon as your nose catches a scent of the hearty, handmade deli choices, you'll want to devour the lot. In the mood for a doughnut and a hot chocolate? A made-to-order salad and fresh juice? Either enjoy on the spot or "grab and go".

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    Venetian Pride Zampone!!!

    In 1510 the people of Modena, Italy, formed an alliance with Venice and flew the Venetian flag. Pope Giulio II, who was known as the Warrior Pope, took offense because he considered Modena to be in his sphere of influence, and besieged them. With no food coming in, the Modenesi had to preserve what they had, and someone hit upon the idea of boning pigs' forelegs and stuffing them with a mixture of ground pork, pork rinds, and spices. He must have been a popular fellow, as the taste has lasted centuries.

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    Fresh Spanish Classics

    Paella for All

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    Poon Choi Cantonese Flavour

    In our culinary quest to treat you as a feasting Chinese Emperor, this winter begins the historic tale of Poon Choi. During the Song Dynasty (years 960-1279), the Emperor fled to Guangdong Province as the Mongols attacked. The villagers gathered their finest food, and lacking enough dishes to feed the army, served the food in larger wooden bowls, which coincidentally enhanced the flavour !

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    The Secret Elixir of The Sea

    On the path to success and happiness, we're all searching for that special health kick - a beneficial boost to keep our system strong. Look no further than sea cucumber as the source for super-rich nutrition. It's special properties have been harvested and served within ultra-healthy dishes, which include broccoli, mushrooms, ginger and spring onion for all-round vitality and nutrition.

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    Tableful of Tapas

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    Delightful Citrus Afternoon Tea

    With the star of a new year, take a moment to cleanse away the fog of last year and the closed feel of Winter, with a fruity and citrus afternoon tea.These zesty treats are perfect for an intimate chat and a sharing of secrets with your close friends, as the citrus bursts zing on your tongue.

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