18-Hole Putting Greens

The one-of-a-kind golf experience on property.











The picturesque “minigolf” is nestled in the beautiful tropical garden around the Wood Art Museum, which is the ideal setting to improve on your short game or to learn how to pitch & putt. 

As much as this is a sportive exercise, it can also be a fun exercise for the entire family. Play and challenge one another on the green, creating not only more family spirit but team spirit.


Opening hours: 09:00h to 18:00h daily, a fee applies.


Reservations can be made via our Concierge Desk in the Hotel Lobby.


A golf course comprises a series of holes, each consisting of a teeing ground, a fairway, the rough and other hazards, and a green with a flagstick ("pin") and hole ("cup"), all designed for the game of golf. A standard round of golf consists of playing eighteen holes, and most golf courses therefore have this number of holes.[1]Some, however, only have nine holes, and the course is played twice per round. Other courses have twenty-seven or thirty-six holes and players choose two groups of nine holes each, providing novelty, and also for maintenance reasons. Additionally, par-3 courses also exist, consisting of nine or eighteen holes, all of which arepar 3 (the number of strokes considered standard for a scratch golfer). Many older golf courses, often coastal, are golf links, which are a different style from the others. Non-municipal courses usually include a golf club based at the course, which generally provides a pro shop.
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