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Kempinski The Spa invite you to discover a sanctum of tranquility and slip into the calm of I Spa. Experience the exotic sights, relaxing sounds, and rich scents, and see for yourself why our guests keep coming back...

  • romantic red wine package

    Romantic red wine package

    Create a romantic trip with the one you beloved. The session starts with a rose and red wine bath, allowing guests to drink red wine during bath time. This is followed by a grape-seed body scrub and a full body massage. Let you and your honey enjoy some romance together.

    Price: RMB 3588/couple (include 15% service charge)

  • coconut-photo-co-healinglifestyle1920X1080.jpg

    Haitang coconut package

    Custom-tailor for Kempinski Haitang Bay. It's a journey that delivers the true Haitang Bay experience. Tropical aroma bath served with coconut milk-body scrub with hand made coconut rub, which is from local beach-full body massage with coconut oil.

    Now only: RMB 1500/2.5hrs

  • aroma-service/spa/kempinski-hotel-haitang-bay

    Sweet Dream Aroma Service

    Professional staff will arrange you for a therapist in your rooms, this service is FREE for the first 20 early birds every day!

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  • body message/spa/kempinski-hotel-haitang-bay

    Essential Body Massages

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  • facial treatment/spa/kempinski-hotel-haitang-bay

    Facial Treatments

    ''Aromatherapy'' associates facial treatments

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