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Hotel Location

Located in the vertical 70 floors of the Burj Rafal Community, Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski is perfectly situated in the heart of the new commercial and business district of Riyadh, on the King Fahad highway running from the airport into the city centre. The hotel is 27 km away from King Khaled International Airport.

Address and Contact Details

Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski
7647 King Fahad Road Unit 1
13315-2174 Riyadh
Saudi Arabia

Tel +966 11 5117777
Fax +966 11 5117778
Email Address: burjrafal.hotel@kempinski.com


1. Head south-east for 2.5 km

2. Continue straight onto Airport Road for 2.8 km

3. Continue on to King Salman Rd for 16.4 km

4. Move to the right 500 m before King Fahd Rd

5. Continue on to King Fahad Rd for 5.4 km

6. Move to the right 210 m before King Fahad Branch Rd

7. Continue on to King Fahad Branch Rd for 270 m

8. Move to the left 120 m left before King Fahad Branch Rd

9. Continue straight on to King Fahad Branch Rd for 1.6 km

10. Turn right and the destination will be on the left