Events in and around Hotel Kempinski Palace Portoroz, Istria, Slovenia

The beauty of the Mediterranean has always inspired people, and here are some of the events that we think will inspire you. Ask our concierge to help you with tickets and transportation.

Saltpans KempinskiPalacePortoroz

26/04/2014 – 27/04/2014

Saltpans Feast

The traditional manual gathering of salt in salt fields is a special feature of the cultural heritage of Mediterranean Slovenia.

According to available written records, the Secovlje Saltpans are more than 700 years old. If you are here you should visit Saltpans Feast. During the feast guest can experience a salt-evening, salt-dinner, a trip to the Piran Fair, a visit to the Saltpans Museum, an afternoon in the Rose spa (salt and fango treatments), St. George procession in Piran, a visit to the Saltpans, live music and more.


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