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Experience true indulgence and let your stresses drift away. Our expert therapists at Kempinski The Spa are ready to use the perfect balance of modern and traditional massage techniques to leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

At Villa Rosa Kempinski, our therapists are trained in a wide variety of massage techniques, inspired by methods that come from all corners of the world. From massage treatments which include a detoxing body-brushing to targeted treatments for the feet, back, neck, shoulders or scalp, discover the perfect way to unwind with our array of massages.

Winter Warmer - Energising

Invigorating and stimulating, this classic deep-tissue massage can be specifically designed to focus on any stiffness or painful joints. This therapeutic body treatment includes the application of a warming foot balm.

(90 minutes) - KSh 8,800


Spring In Your Step - Detoxifying

Beginning with dry body brushing designed to awaken a sluggish system, this detoxifying and revitalising treatment works on the lymphatic system to help eliminate toxins and impurities from the body.

(90 minutes) - KSh 8,800


Summer Bliss - Balancing 

This massage will cool, calm and rehydrate you. Whether you are suffering from the harmful effects of the sun, irritated skin conditions, or your body is gnerally in need of moisture; this treatment is designed to diffuse the heat. This massage incorporates cooling stones on both the face, decolette and back. 

(90 minutes) - KSh 8,800


Autumn Sleep - Relaxing 

This nurturing, aromatherapy massage focuses on achieving deep levels of relaxation. The massage includes a therapeutic head massage that works on cranial pressure points to alleviate signs of stress helping you to unwind.

(90 minutes) - KSh 8,800


Classic Massage 

(60 minutes) - KSh 6,800


Thai Massage

(60 / 90 minutes) - KSh 7,200 / 8,800


Thai Herbal Compress

(90 minutes) - KSh 9,000


Hot Stone

(90 minutes) - KSh 9,000


Foot Reflex

(45 minutes) - KSh 5,100


Back, Neck and Shoulder

(45 minutes) - KSh 5,100


Scalp Sculpting

(30 minutes) - KSh 3,800



Our Couples Room allows two people to enjoy a massage together. 

(60 minutes) - KSh 13,000 per couple 

(90 minutes) - Kshs 16,400 per couple