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Facial Treatments

Our luxurious product offers a wide range of facial treatments from rehydration to anti-ageing. Each bestowing a unique sensorial experience and extraordinary results… the unique synthesis of science and nature.

Winter Face Nourishing

An ultra - effective and replenishing anti - ageing treatment. Wrinkles are reduced, the facial contour is firmer and complexion more luminous. (75 minutes)


Spring Face Refreshing

An immediate burst of radiance for a glowing complexion. The rejuvenating treatment combines skin cleansing, deep exfoliation. expert serum and mask to encourage a 'new skin' effect. It also promotes the reduction of dark spots and the brightening of the complexion. (75 minutes)


Summer Face Calming

A halo of softness for the skin and gentle bless for the more sensitive skin. This cocooning beauty treatment softens your skin and protects it from the stress of daily life, leaving it feeling soothed and nurtured. (75 minutes)


Autumn Face Detoxifying

An intense moisture soak for a radiance - boosting effect. The unique combination of seawater perals and algae caviar leaves the skin visibly replumped and the complexion radiant in a moment of ultimate relaxation. The application of serums, masks and creams is paired with the use of marine boulses to deliver immediately visible rehydrating results. (75 mins)


Youth Revealing Pioneering Treatment

Using innovative ingredients and exceptional treatment techniques for instant visible results. This performance treatment restores the skin's youthfulness, softness and luminosity. The specific facial massage completes the action of the products and heightens relaxation. (75 minutes)


Men’s Facial

A facial treatment tailored just for men. Cleansing, exfoliating and facial treatment creams are used to deliver a more specifically adapted solution for the treatment of the male epidermis. (60 minutes)