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Signature Dish

Created by our Executive Chef, Ciaran Gantly, Crispy Skin Tilapia is our Signature Dish. Tilapia is the main species of fish that is farmed in Kenya. Our signature dish has proved to be popular with guests dining at Cafe Villa Rosa and Balcony Bar. The dish can also be ordered in the comfort of your room through room service.

Crispy Skin Tilapia is a locally inspired dish using the best of ingredients found within the region. Tilapia is mainly found in Lake Victoria, the fish is grilled to perfection keeping the skin side crisp, whilst the other side remains intact and moist. The fish is served on a bed of Ugali mash (a local variation of corn grits) and creamy terere (Amaranths), which compared to other leafy vegetables, has the highest content of micronutrients and is topped with a grilled tiger prawn. Accompaniments include fried matoke (or plantain) and mango slices.