N’Djamena a magical mosaic of eclectic

N’Djamena welcomes you with natural beauty and African charisma. Be part of Chads capital this ever-growing metropolis. Experience the difference.

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    Lake Chad

    Visit Lake Chad only 90 min away, the lake who gives the country its name. Be inspired by many floating islands in the lake. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including fish, crocodiles, waterfowl, and shore birds. Experience Africa!

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    Elephant Rock

    Located on the foothills of Tibesti Mountains, you will be surprised of the looks of rocks there. Find out why one is named Elephant Rock. Experience Africa!

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    Zakouma National Park

    Only one hour flight time south in Chad, you will face the true life of African wilderness. Get a glimpse of animals like lions or elephants and feel the true freedom in between the flora and fauna of the Zakouma National Park. Experience Africa!