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Signature Dish

Our chef suggests...

...a regional specialty - braised ox cheeks with dumplings and carrots and celery served three ways.

To become a signature dish, a dish has to meet certain criteria. For example it has to be unique in its preparation and it has to be a recommendation of the house. Furthermore the ingredients are of high quality and have a local relation to the region. Since the historic background of the dish is also considered in the evaluation of the signature dish, we chose the braised ox cheeks. This kind of meat has a long tradition in Bavaria. In the past cheek was used as by the poor Bavarian population as a cheap alternative to hip- or back pieces. By now it has become an almost forgotten delicacy. Thanks to the extremely gentle preparation the meat becomes very tender and in combination with the red wine and the vegetables it develops a special aroma. Since there are only a few ingredients needed, the dish can easily be prepared at home.

Enjoy this specialty daily at our restaurant charles lindbergh or simply prepare it at home.                                                                                   The recipe can be found under the following link.

Signature Dish