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Opening hours
Fitness Center from 6.30 am to 10.00 pm | 7 days/ week

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    Fitness Center

    State-of-the-art equipment packs, the panoramic fitness studio and adjoining exercise room where expert guided classes; yoga, aerobics, pilates are held. Three tennis courts and separate male/female wet rooms and indoor pool with overhead glass dome also compliment this tranquil refuge.

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  • Swimming Pool Hotel Le Mirador Kempinski Mont-Pèlerin | Lake Geneva


    Blissfully located high above the shimmering lake, the spa pool’s glass domed roof gives heavenly access to those fortunate to recline and indulge here.

  • Nordic Walking | Le Mirador Kempinski Lake Geneva

    Nordic Walking

    Embrace a demanding, holistic means to get fit outdoors and lose weight. Using hand-held poles each step up the gentle inclines uses 90% of your body’s muscle groups, improving circulation, respiratory function and fat cell burn. Trained guides lead daily hikes through pure mountain air.