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Olare Orok Conservancy

The Olare Orok Conservancy offers guests a genuine safari experience. Mini Buses are not allowed within the conservancy area and only three Land Cruisers are allowed to be within proximity of the animals at any given time giving guests an exclusive safari.

The Olare Orok Conservancy now boasts the highest number of large mammals per square kilometre in Africa. Over 50 different species of raptors have also identified within the conservancy. The Conservancy is host to a number of lion prides including the Enkoyanai pride with 17 Lions and 3 Cubs, Moniko Pride with 22 Lions, Ridge Pride with 9 Lions, Nguru Pride with 1 Female and 1 Cub and Motorogi Pride with 8 Lions. In addition to the Lion Prides, the other resident animals in the Conservancy include Narasha and 2 her cubs, 2 brother Cheetahs and another family of 3 brother Cheetahs, a Leopard, Acacia with her 2 cubs, Yellow and Fig.