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Masai Culture

One of Africa’s most famous indigenous ethnic groups, the Masai people are renowned for their courage, fierce independence and their dedication to pursuing their way of life. A pastoralist people, their lifestyle traditionally centers around their herds of cattle, although they are just as well-known for their brightly-coloured clothing, lively music and dancing, and beautiful, intricately-designed jewellery.

Their jewellery is symbolic and is commonly made in three colours: red, the colour of the Masai themselves; blue, representing God and the open sky; and green, the colour of fresh grass after rainfall. The distinctive and eye-catching beading has even become popular around the globe for items such as watchstraps and mobile phone covers.

The Masai culture is very interesting and excursions to the Masai homestead can be organized on special request with the team at the resort. Please do let us know if you would be interested in going on an enriching local experience.