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Maasai Culture

The Maasai have come to represent Africa at its most primal, a fiercely independent tribe of legendary courage who sternly shun the modern world in favour of traditional rites and customs. The Maasai are undoubtedly one of the most famous traditional cultures on earth.

In recent years, the distinctive Maasai beading and decorative jewellrey have become a fashion item in the West, and remain one of the most popular items taken home by visitors to Kenya. So popular has Maasai beading become that many modern functional items, including watchstraps, belts, handbags and even mobile phone covers are being produced in Maasai designs.

The beading worn by the Maasai is also highly symbolic. There are around 40 varieties of beadwork, traditionally made by women to be worn by both women and men. As a rule, the two most common colours used are red, blue and green.Red is the colour of the Maasai, Blue beads are regarded as Godly, directly reflecting the colour of the sky, while green is the colour of God’s greatest blessing, fresh grass after rainfall.