Stefan Szczesny’s Art at the Hotel

As part of "The Kempinski Art Project Estepona", the German artist Stefan Szczesny decorated the interior and the gardens of the hotel. His love for Andalusian colours and shapes is reflected in the facades, the artwork and the ceramics seen all around the Kempinski Hotel Bahia.

The Kempinski Hotel Bahia is a Stefan Szczesny art hotel. It was planned and built in the second half of the 1990s. Szczesny was involved in the project from the beginning, collaborating closely with the architect, Melvin Villarroel, and working on the site. The result is a property that is itself a work of art, with Szczesny’s artwork in all shapes and sizes constituting a key part of the hotel's design. What Szczesny himself saw as a "tremendous challenge" resulted in 137 ceramic pictures, several large works on canvas, numerous graphics, ceramic vases and art work in the form of glass etchings and paintings on terra cotta containers.

Stefan Szczesny’s Art at the Kempinski Hotel BahiaFirst impressions are substantial, and when designing the entrance to the beachfront property Villarroel planned with extra care. Passing through the revolving doors into the lobby, guests will forget their worries and leave their stress outside as they are greeted with a view through the gigantic glass front of the azure Mediterranean Sea and swaying palm trees. The work of Stefan Szczesny also contributes to the paradise image when arriving to the hotel. A bounteous vase with a beautiful flower arrangement sits beneath the wrought iron chandelier and a large ceramic picture with three Eve figures dancing gives guests a carefree feeling. His largest work in the hotel is displayed in the reception area, where a 12 m x 6 m silkscreen picture shows Szczesny's signature cosmos celebrating the pleasures of life, including Eve figures, flowers, palm leaves, minarets beneath a half moon and the silhouette of the hotel with a palm tree and waves. The image has been selected by the hotel as its logo.

"Hotels are places of dialogue and relaxation", said Szczesny during the Kempinski Art Project. "People converge here to make contact with one another in an elevated, sometimes euphoric, atmosphere. The ambiance of the hotel - and the art too, which is such a fundamental aspect of Kempinski Hotel Bahia - plays a significant role, because it can have the effect of making people feel happy." 

In April 2013, the German artist’s work was once again exhibited within Kempinski hotels; his paintings, ceramics and sculptures now decorate the restaurants Quarré and Sra Bua by Tim Raue in the Kempinski Hotel Adlon, in Berlin.

More information about the artist from Munich can be found on his webpage: