Kempinski Kids Club

Children enjoy hours of entertainment with all the fun of the Kempinski Kids Club. Relax by the pool while the kids paint, bake and explore the hotel gardens. And if you need a babysitter for a romantic night out, we're happy to arrange that for you, too. The Kids Club is seasonal and will reopen for Easter 2016.

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    Kids' Club

    At the Kempinski Kids' Club, your children (aged 4-12) are our priority! We will make sure your kids are always entertained, with fun and educating games & activities. *seasonal activities

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    Friday is... Pirate Day!

    Aarrr... Friday is... Pirate Day! Join us for a day of endless games, eye-patches and a treasure hunt! *seasonal activity

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    Eco-Kids activities are all about having fun while encouraging children to get involved and understand the impact of their own actions on the environment! *seasonal activity

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    Everyday your children can join us for the Mini-Dinner, and everyday they'll be surprised with different activities and special shows! *seasonal activity

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    Pool Games

    Being in the water helps us being more active and healthy; with noodle jousting, trampoline and treasure hunt games there's just no excuse for staying dry! *seasonal activity

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    Cookies Workshop

    At the Cookies Workshop children will bake and design their own cookies with our team of animators. And the best part? Well... Eating them! *seasonal activity

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    Jumping Castle

    When we join a great outdoor game with our spacious subtropical gardens... The result can only be a fabulous afternoon at the Jumping Castle! *seasonal activity

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    Bird Show

    On Thursdays, different birds come and visit Kempinski Hotel Bahía. Will you miss the chance of having a close look at these amazing animals? *seasonal activity

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    Beach Games

    Sand castles, pedal boats, football and many other games all by the Mediterranean! Our beach is the perfect scenery for all these fun activities! *seasonal activity

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    Halloween Party

    Join us for our Halloween Party on the 31st of October! Have a spooky day with a Horror Dinner! Are you brave enough? Ages 4 to 12

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