Alcaidesa Links Golf Course

A next-door neighbour to Gibraltar, Alcaidesa sits on almost historic soil. Enjoy your game in beautiful surroundings as this course has idyllic views of rolling hillsides and a beautiful beach.

You can enjoy the spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Rock of Gibraltar and North Africa from virtually any location on the course. Like a traditional Links Course Alcaidesa has an 18-hole round that does not return to the clubhouse before the final hole. There is not a single course resembling Alcaidesa Links on the whole Costa del Sol, so the name is perfectly suited. Just do not miss out on this extraordinary experience. And while you are engaged in a battle with those treacherous winds just think about your well deserved drinks on the terrace of a post modern club house that is as unique as the course itself.

Alcaidesa LinksTechnical Information

  • 18-hole
  • Par 72
  • White 5.866 m
  • Yellow 5.582 m
  • Blue 5.232 m
  • Red 5.006 m
  • Designer: Peter Allis & Clive Clark
For reservations, please contact or call +34 952 809 500