Kempinski Spa

At Kempinski Spa you’re guaranteed a range of restorative and relaxing therapies with experienced therapists from around the world. Allow yourself to fully unwind with a choice of massages and spa treatments, all designed to ensure your break is unforgettably relaxing.

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    Ligne St. Barth

    Drift off to dream in a Caribbean world of relaxation. Enjoy these products with the exceptional quality and originality in refreshing spa treatments. High quality plants, blossoms and fruits are combined with fresh ingredients customised to each individual skin type.

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    Effective body and facial treatments with the benefits of tea. Thémaé rituals bring warmth and softness to every treatment with the same dedication and care as a Theisu – Japanese Tea Master.

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    Niance is a Swiss sensuous and luxurious experience; the most delicate, deliciously light textures are quicly absorbed into the skin, giving it an unmatchable velvet-and-silk feel.

  • Jacuzzi

    Aqua Suite

    Make your special day away even more special by reserving this suite just for the two of you...

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    Treatment Rooms

    With a choice of six different treatment rooms – many with in-room shower facilities – we will be able to accommodate all your needs. We believe in the art of natural beauty.

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