Alminar Wine and Steak House

Alminar Wine & Steak House

Open for lunch and dinner, Alminar Wine and Steak House is the main restaurant of the Hotel. Enjoy a view of our award-wining gardens and the historic Almenara Watchtower from the large bay windows. The tower dates back to the sixteenth century and today serves as a unique venue for private dining. From April until October you can enjoy Alminar specialities in a historic and romantic atmosphere overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

At Alminar we present a menu based on the highest quality cuts of Spanish meats, whether from Galicia, in the north, to southern Andalusia. Naturally, Alminar also offers freshly caught fish from the region as well as from the Strait of Gibraltar. For every exquisite dish our sommelier has a wine recommendation to complement its flavour. In addition to our master wine list, featuring over 300 labels, Alminar is specialised in offering Vino de Autor, which literally translates to mean artist wines - limited wines produced by cult wineries in Spain.

Opening times are subject to change without prior notice.
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Opening Hours:
Dinner: Monday - Thursday,
Saturday - Sunday6:30 - 11:00
Restaurant Style A la carte
Cuisine Regional