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Our Signatures

Inspired by the Spanish team of chefs in the hotel, our signature dish and dessert wear the Kempinski flag as much as the Spanish one. The Golfer, our signature cocktail, is inspired by the 50 golf courses surrounding the hotel. Try our signature dish, dessert and cocktail in any of our restaurants or bars...

La Ventresca Signature DishLa Ventresca

Signature Dish


La ventresca is well known as the “Iberico pork of the sea” freshly caught from the Bay of Cadiz. This very tender meat has a more intense, fine and delicate flavour than other fish. The tuna belly is grilled and served with ice-cold minted watermelon, sautéed plums and macadamia nuts with basil pil pil.



Signature Dessert Turron DelightTurrón Delight

Signature Dessert


White chocolate mousse filled with crunchy Spanish turrón covered by a fine layer of chocolate and saffron crisps. Appearances are not as they seem with the Turrón Delight; elegant and attractive on the outside, it’s surprisingly daring and addictive on the inside.




Signature Cocktail The GolferGolfer

Signature Cocktail

The Golfer, created by our chief bartender, offers just the right fusion of sun and golf. A refreshing vodka cocktail that highlights such local flavours as hierbabuena (spearmint) and green melon, topped with lemon sorbet. This drink is ideal for a sunny afternoon at Costa del Golf.