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Largest Turkish Hammam at Pure Spa

At the gentle hands of a seasoned and highly trained professional, enjoy a full-body scrub with the traditional Turkish kese mitt, before becoming enveloped in delicate foam and wrapped in a luscious body mask to leave your skin supple and your soul revitalized.

Choose between a selection of treatments to enhance your Turkish Hammam experience with luxurious body wraps and masks. Step into a sanctuary steeped in history and tradition, introduced and transformed over thousands of years by the magnificent Ottomans of ancient Turkey. A ritual reminiscent of a time long passed, and traditionally a place for social gatherings, sooth your body and calm your mind within a steaming, stove-heated chamber of marble with the company of your closest friends and business associates, or alone amidst the steam.

Please book at least one day in advance and arrive 30 minutes prior to your treatment to prepare for your journey through an ancient ritual cleansing to awaken your senses, only at Pure Spa.

Date: Open daily

Timings for Turkish Hammam: 
Male: 11am – 2pm 
Female: 2:30pm – 6:30pm 
Male: 7pm – 9pm 

For additional information or reservations: (+973) 1717 1122 or spa.bahrain@kempinski.comwww.kempinski.com/bahrain



Traditional  Hammam

45 min 35 BHD

Enjoy a traditional Turkish Hammam treatment to capture the luxury and majesty of the ancient Ottoman Empire, leaving your mind and body refreshed and rejuvenated. Begin with a full body exfoliation using the traditional kese mitt on the heated stone marble bed, followed by a delicate foam massage


Royal Hammam

60 min 40 BHD

Enhance the Turkish Hammam experience with an ancient purifying full body ritual, followed by a nourishing hair treatment and honey mask. Awaken your senses and leave your skin feeling supple, illuminated and renewed


Arabic  Coffee  Lovers

75 min 45 BHD

Delight in a traditional Turkish Hammam treatment with a locally-inspired Arabic coffee component to enhance this ancient experience through time. This cleansing ritual stimulates your senses with alternating temperatures, rejuvenating aromas and the sweet addition of traditional Arabic coffee


Luxurious  Moment

90 min 50 BHD

Feel the luxurious moment when heat and delicate aromas calm your mind and body for a unique ritual of body polish and delicate foam massage. Within the heated marble chamber of the Hammam, melt away as your hair is shampooed, your scalp is massaged, and your head is enveloped by moisturizing conditioner. While your body is wrapped in an ultra-nourishing cream mask, let your mind wander to the tranquility of the ancient Ottomans


Private  Moment

120 min                60 BHD

Escape the overstimulation of the real world and enter an ancient world of tranquility and tradition, where you are our only priority. Pamper yourself in a private moment with a traditional Turkish Hammam experience, followed by a special body mask and relaxing massage at the gentle and skilled hands of a professional