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New gondola in Jochberg

NEWS - The new gondola in Jochberg opens December 2013!

We have five stars already and now we have added a new "house gondola" to our hotel. The ability to ski in and ski out has so far been an asset, and guests’ comfort level will be even higher with the new 10-passenger train, including all-new seat heating. From Wagstätt station, guests can ride in nonstop comfort up the hill and directly to the root level. After skiing, guests can ski back to the hotel. Ski in and ski out, á la Kempinski.

The new gondola replaces the old double chairlift (DSL), Wagstätt, and the drag lift, Wurzhöhe.


  • Modern cable car circulation (10 cabins)
  • Heated seats
  • Fast travel time
  • Technical data (additional info)
  • Length 1,169 m
  • Capacity 2400 p / h
  • Speed ​​6.0 m / s
  • Travel time 6'56''