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Natural Ice Lake at Schwarzsee

Elegant skating or sporty loop jumps on the natural open-air ice rink at Schwarzsee

The Schwarzsee is already an attraction you shouldn’t miss during the summer, but in the winter, this lake turns into a magic winter wonderland. Located in the picturesque heart of the Kitzbuehel Alps, the lake offers the perfect view of the surrounding mountains, while skating on the popular open-air ice rink. 

Natural Ice Lake at Schwarzsee

A circular course on the lake will be vacated for ice-skaters and all those who like to enjoy the winter outside in nature. And no worries – the course’s ice thickness is checked professionally at regular intervals.
So what are you waiting for – get into your winter clothes and drive to the Schwarzsee!

For further information to the nature paradise Schwarzsee please click here.

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