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Natural Ice Lake at Schwarzsee

The open-air ice rink at Schwarzsee has excellent conditions for elegant skating or sporty loop jumps.

The Schwarzsee is already an attraction you shouldn’t miss in the summer, but in the winter season it has a lot to offer as well. Located in the picturesque heart of the Kitzbuehel Alps, the lake offers the perfect view of the surrounding mountains, which makes
it easy for you to relax during your holiday. 

Natural Ice Lake at Schwarzsee

However, if you don’t want to relinquish all athletic activities during your vacation, the Schwarzsee offers the perfect conditions with
an open-air ice rink and natural ice rink. A circular course on the lake will be vacated for ice-skaters and all those who like to enjoy the winter outside in nature. And no worries – the course’s ice thickness is checked professionally at regular intervals.

So what are you waiting for – get into your winter clothes and drive to the Schwarzsee!