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76th Hahnenkamm Race

Hahnenkamm Race in Kitzbuehel - The Winter Highlight for Ski-Athlets, Reporters and Celebrities

The best ski athletes in the world come together Kitzbuehel to celebrate the highlight of the world cup. The Streif is one of the most spectacular downhill slopes in the world and is a special challenge for all racers with Jumps up to 80 m (262.5 ft), steep slopes up to 85% and speeds up to 140 km/h (87 mi/h). The starting point has a 860 m (2,821.5 ft) difference in altitude from the goal, covering a length of 3,312 m (10,866.1 ft) at an average speed of more than 103 km/h (64 m/h). The track record was 1.51.58 minutes (1997, Fritz Strobl, AUT).

The Hahnenkamm Race in Kitzbuehel is the basis for the most prestigious society event of the Alpine region. It is the social and sporting highlight of every winter season. The Gamsstadt is bursting at the seams: journalists and celebrities fill the streets. Many site events guarantee fun and entertainment. Pictures of the snow-covered city are shown all over the world and entertain more than 500 million TV viewers.


Hahnenkamm Kitzbuehel
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19-24 January 2016

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