Juwelier Fochtmann

Fochtmann cultivates the very best of Germany’s high-end goldsmith’s art with an eye for exquisite design.

FOCHTMANN Jewellers are based in Munich where they realise their designs with passion and dedication.

Both the sales premises and the workshop of this traditional company are situated exactly half-way down Maximilianstrasse. As they practise their craft behind the arched windows of their studio, FOCHTMANN’s master goldsmiths can soak in the magnificent view of the elegant boulevard and absorb both Munich’s traditions and its internationalism.

It’s a place of traditional craftsmanship where the most exquisite and highly personalised jewellery items are created. Made by true masters of their trade, the jewellery unites artistic workmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Here in the heart of Munich, thanks to the enthusiasm and expertise of this family enterprise with its 150 years of tradition in the goldsmith’s trade, precious items are created in perfect quality. The owner of the enterprise, Werner Fochtmann, is passionate about fine, genuine materials such gold and precious stones, and these are very much part of his calling. With its excellent design ideas and the artistic expertise of its goldsmiths, this company can fulfil any customer’s preferences down to the smallest detail. This is the basis of the success and renown of Munich’s famous jewellery workshop.

FOCHTMANN remains true to its roots as a craftman’s trade and specialises entirely in the production of single items and very small, exclusive collections. Werner Fochtmann’s vocabulary of form never panders to the whimsical trends of fashion but takes its cue from timeless values and powerfully expressive design principles.

FOCHTMANN therefore cultivates the very best of Germany’s high-end goldsmith’s art, and it does so with an open mind, an eye for exquisite design and as a living testimony to traditional craftsmanship in our modern world.

Maximilianstraße 16
80539 München
+49 (0)89 29 32 51

ximilianstraße 16
80539 München
+49 (0)89 29 32 51