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Gondola in Jochberg

The new gondola in Jochberg opened in December 2013 - Ski-In and Ski-Out at Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol

Next to the hotel, a new cable car in Jochberg opened in winter 2013. Ski-In & Ski-Out was always available, but now, comfort is on the next level. The cable car seats ten people and allows guests to reach the top of the slopes on heated seats. Guests reach the valley station as usual with the T-bar, and then continue on non-stop and comfortable to the Wurzhöhe. After they hit the slopes, they can head directly back to the hotel. Ski-In & Ski-Out à la KempinSKI.


  • Modern cable car circulation (10 cabins)
  • Heated seats
  • Fast travel time
  • Technical data (additional info)
  • Length 1,169 m
  • Capacity 2400 p / h
  • Speed ​​6.0 m / s
  • Travel time 6'56''
For further information about Ski-In & Ski-Out at Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol, please contact our concierge:
T +43 5355 50100 1310

For information about the Bergbahn and the Wagstätt gondola please contact the Bergbahn AG Kitzbuehel:
Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel
Hahnenkammstraße 1a
6370 Kitzbühel
T +43 5356 6951